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About Us

Paul Greenberg



Paul Greenberg emerged on the comedy scene in the mid-90’s in the Lorne Michaels produced sketch show, The Vacant Lot on Comedy Central. This prompted Paul’s move from Toronto to Los Angeles where he continued performing as a cast member of The Jenny McCarthy Show for MTV and Random Play for VH1. His other appearances include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, As Good As It Gets and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Paul has continued creating and starring in projects including, most recently, the comedy series, International Ghost Investigators for The Audience network on DirecTV. Paul is also an Emmy winning writer whose work includes the Ellen Degeneres talk show, the 

Oscars, the Tonys, a weird show where he went to Asia with William Shatner and The Fonz and even the hoity-toity Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Paul loves live performing and improv, especially with his wife, Jackie, and he’s very excited to be working with his friend Dave, and he knows Dave is also excited even though Dave doesn’t really ever show emotion, which can be very hard on Paul. 

Dave Foley



Dave Foley was born and raised in Toronto where he  began sketch group “The Kids in the Hall” with Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson, Mark McKinney and Bruce McCulloch. Their distinct and irreverent brand of comedy quickly earned “The Kids in the Hall” a large cult following influencing a new generation of sketch comedy. In 1987, Lorne Michaels produced their first television special. By 1989, the troupe had their own series on the Canadian Broadcasting Co. and, later on HBO, where it aired until 1991. CBS and Comedy Central soon after picked it up, where it ran from 1992-1994. They crossed over into feature films with the 1995 release of Brain Candy for Paramount Pictures. 

After the successful television run of “Kids...”, Dave signed on to the long running NBC series, “Newsradio”. In between seasons, he forged a feature film career that is still very active today. In addition to his comedic work, Foley has also been seen in HBO’s critically-acclaimed mini-series From the Earth to the Moon. He also wrote and starred in the film The Wrong Guy which was released in Canada.Some of the many films Foley has starred in include Sky High, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, A Blast From the Past, and South Park: Bigger and Longer. He has most recently been seen on the ABC series, Dr. Ken, The Middle, Hot in Cleveland, Misfits & Monsters and countless other TV shows. 

And These Guys

Eban Schletter


This insanely talented man does everything from record & edit to play piano and dispense legal advice.

Jackie Harris Greenberg


Jackie is basically Paul & Dave's governess.

Crissy Guerrero


Crissy produces the show and wearily attempts to keep the guys in line.


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